County and city to meet to discuss drug rehab site

Proposed center at 750 Baltimore St., Martinsburg
Proposed center at 750 Baltimore St., Martinsburg

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Berkeley County Council Doug Copenhaver plans to sit down with Martinsburg Mayor George Karos in the near future to discuss the county’s plans to put a a government sponsored drug and alcohol rehabilitation center at a property on Baltimore St.

Friction has developed between the two councils after the county announced their plans for the center at the former Royce Hosiery Building, which is within the city limits.

Berkeley County Council President Doug Copenhaver says Martinsburg Mayor George Karos did reach out to him and they do plan to talk about the proposal further.

Copenhaver cited statistics from Berkeley County Central Dispatch showing more than 500 calls for drug overdose in 2015, 42% of which were from the city.

“We know that this recovery center has to be connected to the city,” Copenhaver said on Friday’s Panhandle Live. “We hope to continue talk and do this in the proper way.”

The city recently rejected a request from the county to rezone the building for use as a rehab center and the county is now appealing that decision in court.

Copenhaver says they will move forward with the facility at the Baltimore Street property unless a better alternative is presented.