WHAG to become WDVM

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — There’s going to be a change for the region’s local television news station.

After nearly 50 years WHAG in Hagerstown will be changing its call letters to WDVM.

The change goes into effect Saturday.

WHAG News Director Mark Kraham made the announcement during Panhandle Live with Hans Fogle on Thursday.

The decision was made to reflect an expansion of their coverage area that has added roughly 1.2 million households to their viewership.

“The company felt that with this expanded area, we wanted to make it clear that we’re not just a Hagerstown station.”

Kraham said it doesn’t mean they are leaving Hagerstown physically or will stop news coverage there.

“What we do day in and day out as far as covering the (Eastern) Panhandle, covering Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Western Maryland doesn’t change,” Kraham said.

Kraham called the larger coverage area a challenge, but said it was exciting to be growing.

WHAG had been an affiliate of NBC until a year ago and has since been adding other counties around the four-state region.