Rockwool construction on schedule

RANSON, W.Va. — Gas and water lines are in place and the weather has been cooperating as construction on the Rockwool plant in Ranson moves ahead.

“Our building is coming out of the ground now, and the steel which is forming the building is at a 95 percent stage. Siding of the building is coming along well, as per plan, and we’ve actually started also working on the inside of the buildings.”

Peter Regenberg is Vice President for U.S. operations.

The project has met with opposition from some members of the community who are concerned about the plant’s proximity to schools and the effects of particulates from production. Protests have delayed the installation of some infrastructure, like gas and water, but Regenberg said those are now in place.

“The gas line is completed, and that’s operational now. In about a month or so we’ll start to consume some of that gas for heating our buildings. The water line is also installed and is per schedule and is in place and we have water on site. The road is well underway and is following our expectations. It is on track to be ready when we need it next year.”

Rockwool has promised to bring as many as 150 jobs to the area. Regenberg said more than 250 are already working on the construction of the plant, and hiring of plant employees will begin in earnest next year.

“We expect to start ramping up our hiring plans early next year, so you’ll start seeing commercials and a hiring campaign in January in the local community. “

Regenberg said he best way to apply for a job is at

Regenberg was a guest on Thursday’s Panhandle Live, where he responded to opposition of the plant.