Rabbi Victor Urecki: “We need to figure out how to weaponize goodness”

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 worshipers and injured four police officers Saturday is on the minds of people from all faiths.

Charleston’s B’nai Jacob Synagogue Rabbi Victor Urecki from joined WEPM’s “Panhandle Live” Tuesday to share words of encouragement and comfort following the largest attack against Jews in America in history.

“We feel their grief, we’re feeling pain. But at the same time gratitude to the officers who were injured, who risked their lives to save others. Locally here we’re feeling an incredible sense of love for those who are reaching out to us in solidarity and support. We’ve gotten so many calls, emails. People have been dropping off bouquets of flowers by our door here at the synagogue to express their love and support for the Jewish community.”

Rabbi Urecki shared a story from B’nai Sholom Synagogue in Huntington where people wrote “You are loved” on the sidewalk in front of the building.

“Words have become weaponized. There’s been evil in the world since time immemorial. But there’s also goodness in the world. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to increase evil rhetoric (and) hate speech. I think what we need to do and we need to figure out is how to weaponize goodness.”

Full audio of the interview can be found here.