Morgan County Sheriff’s Department receives cars from Martinsburg Police

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department is saying “thank you” to the Martinsburg Police Department.

Recently, Martinsburg Police transferred a Dodge Durango and Chevrolet Impala to Morgan County. Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said talks of the transaction began weeks ago.

“Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Deputy Chief George Swartwood advising the Martinsburg Police Department was salvaging some older decent police vehicles and inquiring if I might want them for our Deputy Reserves.”

Bohrer’s request for the vehicles was approved at a Martinsburg City Council meeting and signed by Martinsburg Mayor George Karos.

“On behalf of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and myself, I would like to thank the City of Martinsburg, Chief Maury Richards and Deputy Chief George Swartwood for their generosity to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.”

Bohrer added the vehicles will be ready to go with new radios and “some TLC”.