Major snow fall expected for the weekend

Courtesy Accuweather
Courtesy Accuweather

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Stock up on bread and milk, it looks like the first major snow storm of the year is coming to the Eastern Panhandle Firday.

Accuweather meteorologist Ed Vallee said on Panhandle Live Tuesday snow fall should begin Friday afternoon with three to six inches expected before things really ramp up.

“The peak of the event could actually be Friday night into the early part of Saturday,” Vallee said. “We could be looking at a pretty significant amount of snow, upwards of a foot.”

Some models show as much as two feet of snow, but Vallee thinks that’s a long shot.

He said the cold weather, which he expects to stay in the area into next week, will add to accumulations by keeping the ground cold.

He said that same cold weather means the snow will likely stick around for some time after it falls.