Law enforcement to benefit from HIDTA designation

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — U.S. Attorney Bill Ihlenfeld there will be additional money to combat drugs thanks to last week’s HIDTA, or High Intensity Drug trafficking Area designation for Jefferson County, but one of the biggest advantages will be information sharing between law enforcement agencies.

Ihlenfeld said Friday on Panhandle Live that the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crime Task Force will be sharing information with agencies in Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and beyond in an effort to put a stop to drug trafficking in our region.

He says its already happening in Berkeley County and other HIDTA communities.

“We’re telling them what we’re seeing, and their telling us what they’re seeing,” Ihlenfeld said. “It’s all coming together very nicely.”

Berkeley and Jefferson Counties are part of the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA, the largest such organization in the country in terms of funding.

Ihlenfeld says the resources being made available through the partnership benefit the Eastern Panhandle and our partner communities.