MPD Recognition year 2MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The Martinsburg Police Department welcomed guests to the Holiday Inn for their Second Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony Thursday.

Officials recognized officers with awards and commendations for going above and beyond their duties over the past year.

Martinsburg Police Chief Maury Richards named three officers of the year for 2017.

He told WEPM news Patrolman Joe larson, Patrolman Mark Loretta and Corporal Justic Harper exemplify the department and stood out over the last year in a number of ways.

“These are officer who not only work everyday, they know how to work with the community and make our entire community a better and safer place,” Richards said.

The three officers netted more than 400 arrests between them and conducted more than 1,000 traffic stops in 2017.

Members of the community were also recognized for working with the department over the last year, including Berkeley County Schools, the United Way and various churches.