CHAMBERSBURG, PA — the Chambersburg Fire Department responded this morning to a large Hazmat spill at 800 Development Avenue in Letterkenny   Township.

Chambersburg Borough Manager and Director of Utilities Jeffrey Stonehill posted on X Thursday morning, “there is no risk of the plume impacting the Borough. A significant response of fire trucks and ambulances from the region will pass through the borough.”
The call reportedly came in around 9:30 this morning.
Letterkenny Army Depot announced a statement today:

“The safety of our employees and the surrounding community is at the forefront of our priorities.
Earlier today, an incident occurred at a facility leased to a private company outside of Letterkenny Army Depot property.
However, a shelter-in-place is in order across Letterkenny Army Depot, and we are taking 100% accountability of all personnel.
Franklin County Emergency Services are at the scene to determine the nature and extent of the situation.
We will be providing more details as soon as we know more.”

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