MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A Hagerstown man has been arrested after police say he fired an AR-15 inside a residence while threatening to take his own life.

Michael Earl Quinn, 41, was arrested for “wanton endangerment with a firearm/prohibited person (from being in possession of a firearm/violation of a protective order)” as well as being a fugitive from the state of Maryland on a felony theft charge.

Michael Earl Quinn (Photo: WV Regional Jail Authority)

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy DA Knotts reports he responded July 7th to a home on Olga Drive in Martinsburg to assist other deputies with a welfare check.  Dispatch advised that the subject, Michael Earl Quinn “had been driving recklessly while intoxicated and was expressing suicidal ideations.”

Quinn had a protective order lodged against him and was prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition. Dispatch told deputies Quinn was known to possess an AR-15 rifle and had made threats to kill himself with it previously.  Quinn reportedly sent a video to his girlfriend that allegedly showed him loading his gun and saying goodbye.

Deputies pulled back and had medics stage the area.  They sought to confirm whether Quinn was alone or if there was anyone with him who might be endangered.

Deputies say they could see Quinn inside the residence pacing around and going between floors.  “Quinn began throwing things and freaking out.  Shortly after that started, I heard the distinct sound of a rifle being discharged inside the house,” the deputy writes in his report.

“A short moment later, the garage opened and Quinn began to walk outside,” Deputy Knotts writes.

“Not knowing if he was still armed or what his intentions were, I illuminated him with my rifle mounted light and yell (sic) for him to show me his hands,” the deputy writes.

“Quinn the (sic) retreated back into the residence and closed the garage door,” Knotts reports. “Quinn then continued to tear up the house, scream, make threats, and carry the rifle around.”

Quinn “managed to slip out of the back of the house where he fled on foot to his Jeep,” the deputy reports.

Police followed the Jeep down Nipetown road to a nearby BFS gas station where Quinn was taken into custody. Quinn refused medical treatment on scene.

Deputies learned Quinn is the subject of a protective order out of Washington County.  A search of his Jeep revealed ammunition and a rifle case for a Daniel Defense rifle, which were seized as evidence.

Deputies further learned Quinn was wanted out of Washington County for felony theft.

Quinn was placed under arrest for violating the protection order, possessing a firearm as a prohibited person, and being a fugitive from justice.

Quinn was arraigned before a magistrate, which bound the case over.

When deputies went back to the residence, they found a Daniel Defense AR-15, ammunition and a spent cartridge.

Deputy Knotts observed a bullet hole in the wall to the left of the back door.

Quinn’s charges include wanton endangerment involving a firearm, prohibited person possessing a firearm, violating a protection order, as well as being a fugitive from justice.

Quinn is currently being held in the Eastern Regional Jail without bond.


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