MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A pit bull that had been attacking a man and other animals was shot and killed Tuesday by a Berkeley County Animal Control Officer.
The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department reports Animal Control officers responded to a home on Winchester Avenue in Martinsburg for a reported aggressive dog that was attacking a cat.
Animal Control Officers report a white pit bull was attacking another dog near the front porch of the home.

Berkeley County Animal Control

They shouted at the pit bull several times in an attempt to scare it away, but the
pit bull continued to attack the other dog.
An Animal Control Officer then discharged one round, striking the pit bull.
The other dog then ran off the porch to its owner.
The pit bull got back up and charged after the other dog and that dog’s owner. The owner
was able to jump over a fence to get away from the pit bull, but that dog attacked
the other dog again.
The Animal Control officer again discharged a round from her 9mm duty weapon, which stopped the attack, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office, which reports the pit bull died as a result of the gunshot wounds.
The owner of the pit bull is not known, as the animal was not wearing a collar and did not have a microchip in its ears.
The original caller said he found the pit bull attacking the cat behind his house and that’s when the pit bull began attacking his dog.
The cat was later found deceased.
The incident is still under investigation by Sheriff’s Office investigators.

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