MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — At Martinsburg’s City council meeting Thursday, Mayor Kevin Knowles administered the oath of office to new Police Officers Edward Rougerio, Thaddeus Wright, and Christopher O’Neil.

In other business the council approved Jamila Jones and Sabrinah Reese to the Martinsburg Housing Authority.

There will be a special council meetings on June 17th at 5:00 PM to begin the canvass of the municipal elections this week.  On June 19th they will meet at  5:00 PM to certify the results.

There will be another special city council meeting for Thursday June 27th at 5PM to conclude final business of the current city council. Immediately following the meeting the oath of office will be administered to incoming council members.

The August City council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 15th to accommodate Municipal League attendance.

During Thursday’s Martinsburg City Council meeting, The Party for Socialism and Liberation attended once again to submit a resolution calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to all weapons transfers and funds to Israel. Among those in support was this unidentified speaker:

None of those speaking addressed what started the war in Palestine in the first place.

This story is based on the reporting of Panhandle News Network Reporter Clint Gaige. 

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