Martinsburg Mayor Kevin Knowles

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — With 850 votes reportedly cast in yesterday’s municipal elections in Martinsburg, (City of Martinsburg June 11, 2024 General Election)
Incumbent Mayor Kevin Knowles defeated opponent Yvonne Jenkins 57 to 43 percent. Knowles had been serving as mayor since the death of previous mayor Harriet Johnson.

He talked about some of the concerns brought up during the lead up to the election.

There were several councilmembers who ran unopposed, including David Haarberg in Ward 2, Ken Collinson in Ward 3, and Jason Baker in Ward 5.

In Ward 1, Dennis Etherington got 55 percent of the vote over Christopher Amores.
In Ward 4, Kimberly Nelson won 53 percent of the vote over David Carroll.

Two people were elected to the at-large council seat – those were Steve Knipe and Heidi Gibbons Crawford.  Mayor Knowles talked about the results:


Turnout in the city of more than 19,000 people was low at 6.4 percent, according to the mayor.

The preliminary released by the city of Martinsburg:

For Mayor:

Kevin Knowles 57.33%
Yvonne Jenkins 42.67%

For Council at Large: (Top 2)
Steve M. Knipe 34.39%
Heidi Gibbons Crawford 32.00%
David Lee Anderson 18.60%
Elaine C. Mauck 15.02%

Council Ward 1:
Dennis Etherington 55.14%
Christopher Amores 44.86%

Council Ward 2:
David Haarberg 100%

Council Ward 3:
Ken Collinson 100%

Council Ward 4:
Kimberly Nelson 53.17%
David Carroll 46.83%

Council Ward 5:
Jason Baker 100%


Panhandle News Network Reporter Luke Wiggs Contributed to this Story 

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