CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — A 90-day extension has been granted in the criminal trial regarding former Jefferson County Commissioners Jennifer Krouse and Tricia Jackson.

Krouse and Jackson face 42 charges based on their refusal to attend meetings and conduct the business of the county last fall.

The charges were filed by the State Police and under the oversight of a special prosecutor, John Ours of Grant County, in late February.

Both commissioners were removed from office by a three-judge panel earlier this month.

A new plea hearing date will be set by Berkeley County Magistrate Michelle Barnes Russell who has expressed her desire to try the defendants separately.

Defense attorneys Brad Wright and Mark Sutton have asked to modify a condition of a bond which currently does not allow either defendant to have communication with each other or anyone else involved in the case.

Both issues will be addressed before the new plea hearing date in late August or early September.


Tricia Jackson (Photo: Jefferson County GOP)

Jennifer Krouse


Story Credit: Luke Wiggs, Panhandle News Network