MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A man believed to be in the country illegally is being charged with the May 6 murder of a 33-year-old woman in Berkeley County.

Berkeley County Sheriff Rob Blair

Berkeley County Sheriff Rob Blair said Monday that David Antonio Calderon, 46. described as an illegal alien, will face murder and malicious assault charges when he is extradited from Frederick County, Virginia.

The investigation began with a woman’s body was found on a burning couch in a field off Golf Course Road last Monday. Her name hasn’t been released.

At a Monday news conference, Blair and Jefferson County Prosecutor Matt Harvey blamed border security policies for allowing Calderon to be in the country illegally. He was denied entry into Canada in March 2023. He was released into the United States with a court appearance set for this month.

“This should have never gotten this far,” Harvey said. “We have a broken border policy in America and the leaders in Washington need to do something,” Harvey said.

Blair said they were able to link Calderon to the crime by using GPS information from the victim’s home confinement bracelet and Calderon’s vehicle.

“We went to areas to where we knew the vehicle through GPS tracking through the female had been. We obtained video evidence that the suspect’s vehicle had been in the same area,” Blair said.

Matt Harvey

Berkeley County Assistant Prosecutor Joe Kinser said they have not issued the definitive identity of the woman. She was on home confinement.

“We’ve not yet confirmed with DNA to determine the identity with he victim. At this time, we have a pretty good idea due to our investigation thus far involving the home confinement and ankle monitor but we are not prepared to release that just yet,” Kinser said.

There is a preliminary cause of death from the state Medical Examiner’s Office, according to Kinser.

“Their opinion is not finalized yet. We just have preliminary information from them which obviously did include burns,” Kinser said.