KEARNEYSVILLE, W.Va. — US Senate Candidate Alex Mooney was joined by US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at a rally in Kearneysville, with hundreds of his Eastern Panhandle neighbors out to cheer them both on.

Cruz, who is in a race to keep his seat in Texas, talked about why he made the trip to the Mountain State:

He called Mooney a warrior:

For his part, Congressman Mooney, who says he’s has been narrowing the gap between himself and the front-runner, Governor Jim Justice, laid out a contrast:

Cruz says with longtime US Senator and Democrat Joe Manchin running, “It’s a very different race,” and that rather than elect a candidate who could go toe-to-toe with a Democrat in the General Election, the focus now is on electing the candidate who will fight for conservative values:

Among his Eastern Panhandle colleagues showing up to support Congressman Mooney were State Treasurer Riley Moore, who gave remarks, and 16th District Senator Patricia Rucker, who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The event was held at RSD Horse Auctions off Wiltshire Road in Kearneysville.

Cruz left the crowd cheering at the end of his remarks:


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz joined Congressman Alex Mooney in Kearneysville Thursday.

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was in Kearneysville Thursday campaigning for US Senate candidate Alex Mooney

US Senate candidate and current Congressman Alex Mooney (R-West Virginia)