CHARLESTON, W. Va. – Sample Ballots for West Virginia’s May 14 Primary Election are now available online for registered voters to review before they vote. 
A press release from the WV Secretary of State’s Office link to an online search tool for voters to use to find the Sample Ballot assigned to them.
According to WV Secretary of State Mac Warner, the Sample Ballots available through the search tool are specific to the voter’s residential address and take into consideration the voter’s Congressional, Senatorial, Delegate, and in some cases, Municipal Districts. Some of the Primary Election ballots may also include local bonds and tax levies for voters to consider.
“We are asking voters to take a little time to educate themselves before they go to vote to learn more about the candidates and the initiatives that will be on their ballot,” said Secretary Warner. “The online search tool for Sample Ballots is safe and accurate to use.”
The press release indicated there are 1,691 precincts throughout the state for the upcoming May 14 Primary Election.
To learn more about the upcoming election, to request an absentee ballot, to register to vote, or to become a poll worker, please visit – a secure website hosted by the WV Secretary of State’s Office.
Warner also reminds citizens that April 23 is the last day to register to vote to be eligible to participate in the May 14 Primary Election. Registered voters who have moved or changed their name since the last election should update their voter registration.