UKRAINE — Pastor Tim Guerino of the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission is in Ukraine this week.  On Tuesday, he provided an update on a water filtration program he and the team are involved in to help those in the war-torn nation.  Here is his update:

Greetings from Ukraine,

We are in the city of Nikopol today.  As you see at the pictures below were installing a water filtration system for the church, and the church will be able to have clean water and water for the community and even water to take into other villages that have no water at all clean water.  This is all because of your donations back home to make this happen, and for the partnership with Church leadership development, international Sasha, our guy putting it together.
Nikopol and this church and the community around it was hit pretty hard by the war and continues to be.  We’re only 6 km away from the Russian forces as we are here doing the installing right now we can hear the artillery being fired by the Russians.
As Jesus met with the woman by the well, he talked to her about living water, and that changed her life forever.  These churches here, now have the opportunity to share that same opportunity with those that come for clean water, the shared living water that will change their lives forever.
God bless you all for making this happen
Pastor Tim

Photos: Tim Guerino