MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — In his second mission trip to Ukraine, Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission Superintendent Pastor Tim Guerino has made a stop in Moldova, where a team he is working with is building a home for a family.

He gave an update to the Panhandle News Network on Thursday as he traveled from one spot to another:

Greetings from Moldova,

Please excuse my speaking from the phone, so my grammar might not be so great.  Arrived in Moldova Wednesday evening around 9 PM after being up for over 30 some hours woke up this morning hit the ground running building the house for the family here in Moldova and now I am Thursday evening packing and getting ready to go to Warsaw Friday and then Saturday heading into Ukraine.  Heading into Ukraine a little earlier than I thought but that’s OK that’s what happens on trips like this plans change quickly but some of the pictures you see sent you with the team that I was with here in Moldova had a great time with them. I met some great people were able to do some things they’ll continue finishing the house the next couple days, hope to connect with these guys in the near future 
Thank you all for your prayers and the privilege of coming over here and representing the Mission and the Lords work able to share the gospel with a lot of people. God bless you for giving me this opportunity to serve.
Many refugees pouring into Moldova from Ukraine. As you can see, our conditions are very limited and rainy cloudy but God‘s work must go on. Thank you for your prayers and on my second leg of the trip. Hope to get more pictures as I enter into Ukraine.
Talk to you soon. God bless Pastor Tim. 
Earlier this year, as he was preparing to return to Ukraine and continue providing aid to the war-torn country, Pastor Tim talked about the mission.He says the work being done in Ukraine is just like the work the Rescue Mission is doing in Martinsburg.

He says this aid provides benefits in both the short and long term.

One of the goals of this trip is to help develop a more stable support system for Ukrainian refugees.

Part of the aid being provided will be a water filtration system for people still living in the war zone.

Pastor Tim went to Ukraine back in 2022 and chronicled his experiences on the Panhandle News Network.

A crew works in Moldova on building a house. (Photo: Tim Guerino)

Pastor Tim Guerino went on a mission trip two years ago to Ukraine. This spring, he made the trip back. (Photo: Tim Guerino)

Pastor Tim is working with other volunteers to improve conditions for those in the war-torn region. (Photo: Tim Guerino)

Crews will finish the house in the next few days, according to Pastor Tim. (Photo: Tim Guerino)

Pastor Tim was last in Ukraine two years ago.  (Photo: Tim Guerino)