Screenshot of Berkeley County Primary Sheriff’s Race candidates (West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office)


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Former Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan’s name is still on the ballot in the Republican Primary race for Berkeley County Sheriff this spring, despite his announcement earlier this year that he’d be withdrawing from the race.

Harmon posted on social media in February his intent to withdraw his name from the race, citing his family.
At the time, he confirmed to the Panhandle News Network that he still needed to file the paperwork to officially withdraw.

The Berkeley County Clerk’s office says he did not turn in the official paperwork “until it was past the date.”

Supervisor of Voter Registration Tom Guilliams  says guidance from the Secretary of State’s office is that if Harmon wins the

most votes, it would be Harmon’s option to legally stay in the running. If not, the person with the next highest amount of votes would come out as the primary winner.

There is a Democratic candidate, which means the frontrunner in the Primary Republican race would face off with Democrat candidate David Jackson in this fall’s General Election.

The Panhandle News Network reached out to the former sheriff, who confirmed he had missed the deadline. He issued an official statement, which you can read below.

In it, he highlights his experience and levels criticism at those in power in local government.

On the ballot alongside Harmon in the May 14th primary are US Army veteran Davy Jones, a former member of the deputy reserve and former West Virginia State Trooper Rob Blair, who was appointed by the Berkeley County Commission to fill Harmon’s unexpired term.

Nathan Harmon’s Official Statement, as provided to the Panhandle News Network:

“The citizens of Berkeley County have a tough decision to make into today’selections. Not just for Sheriff but all around. With all the smoke and mirror tactics, mud-slinging rumors, embellished accusations and the ability to use Artificial Intelligence to decieve the public that has already and will continue to be used (i.e. social media court)….. this underscores our responsibilty as Berkeley Co. citizens AND Duty to conduct our own factually, not opinionated research. If your voting on Red/Blue color alone without research……your wrong. We have Rhino’s and those that want to sabatoge the Republican party, that I do know and can prove.

One decision is, do our citizens want a governmental “hand-picked” person, a puppet to simply do the bidding and will of the Government? How did if feel “not to have a say”, when in fact you could’ve, but the government didn’t allow it? Do the citizens want someone who was “talked into doing it” or a person who’s heartfelt passionate about their fellow neighbor as they are about their fellow Officer? Do the citizens want a government who runs “secret missions/investigations”, intimidates county employees to do their bidding, ambushes and gang rushes YOUR CHOSEN SERVANT…… it’s your choice, you hold the POWER to cease this style government……only you and your vote

I will say this about me along with the job i did at BCSD.When I have cooperated and worked diligently for and beside my fellow elected officials for over 3 yrs and expecting my constutional rights be protected and to be supported by them……… only in return to find out and realize they not only abandoned me but also the people they/we represent……… that truly is a life draining and extremely disheartening thing to watch and experience.

Every ounce of my heart on every single day was poured into the concept of making the Dept into a transparent, professional and HIGHLY TRAINED Dept while investing the same passion and heart into our men and women. People don’t CARE how much you know until they know how much you care.

My days started at 0730 or 0430 hrs everyday, getting to work before ANY of my executive staff and leaving AFTER my executive staff had already gone home and often well into the evening. It’s not bragging about the work hours, it’s my display of how much I cared. I completed every single PROMISE I made in 3 years time- PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT.

To our citizen’s, take caution in your vote, you hold the POWER, so let YOUR VOICE be heard!!!! If you do not vote you are simply “giving” them what they want. I will be watching closely………….

The People’s SHERIFF 
Nate Harmon”