MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A Baltimore man was reportedly lying about his identity when he arranged to watch his fiancé’s mom’s house for a day and allegedly stole 85 thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry.

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Corporal J Shockey took the initial report at a home Thursday (February 29th) on Duckwoods Lane. The victim said jewelry had been stolen from her home while she and her daughter were out for the day.

The daughter’s fiancé, who told police his name was “Cooper Ross,” had volunteered to watch the home during the day.         

Deputies grew suspicious of the man while they spoke to him. They ran a check of his fingerprints, which revealed his true identity to be Igor Rosensteel, 33, of Baltimore.

He told deputies he had left the home for forty five minutes. Deputies allege he sold the stolen jewelry at a local pawn shop.
They recovered the money he allegedly made for the sale but are still looking for the jewelry, which they valued at $85,000.

The investigation revealed Rosensteel is on federal probation after he was convicted in 2018 of impersonating a Secret Service agent in a credit card fraud & identity theft scheme.

Sheriff Rob Blair is praising the detectives for their investigative work. “They took great initiative in this investigation which led to an arrest of a person already on Federal Probation for similar violations. This is just another example of the extraordinary work being conducted by our personnel at the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office,” he says.