MARTINSBURG, W.Va. —  The Berkeley County Board of Education started their regular meeting Monday night with a budget work session. 

Treasurer Jim Butts laid out the budget calendar for the Board.

The challenge this year is the absence of federal funding the county received for COVID relief.

Superintendent Ron Stephens offered a Bond Project Status Update:

The Board also approved a 2024-25 School Year Calendar.

The Special Education Department gave a report about a recent incident:

The Board did not take action concerning the report.

The Special Education Department also requested action on a Special Education camera licensing renewal for the next decade


The Board of Education approved the request, which had a price tag of $193,771.08 for the ten-year period.

Later, discussion centered on buying classroom stations for the entire system, which had been tested at Spring Mills High School.

The money is coming from a grant which must be used for technology or lost. The Board approved the staff request.

A few months ago, the Berkeley County Board of Education voted to opt out of a class action suit regarding Opioid mismanagement by a company called McKinsey. Monday night, Superintendent Ron Stephens reported that the system’s attorneys suggested changing that decision.

The Board agreed with their attorney’s opinion and decided to opt back into the Class Action Suit.

The Panhandle News Network’s Al Gaige contributed to this story.