MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — 911 Dispatch Centers in both Berkeley and Morgan Counties were disrupted Wednesday morning for more than half an hour.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported during that time that the 911 dispatch center was having difficulty with some calls but they were getting through.

Callers in Morgan County were encouraged to use the Text to 911 feature throughout the day if they encountered further problems.

In Berkeley County, callers were advised to call into the non-emergency lines for first responders and law enforcement while calls through 911 were not getting through.

An update post on Morgan County E911’s Facebook Page said it was related to a widespread issue:

“Frontier was experiencing a WIDESPREAD service issue including 911 trunk lines. At this time Morgan County’s lines ARE operational with some issue with location information. There are still issues around the state, should you place a 911 call and end up answered by another county please stay on the line and they will work to either transfer you or get your information to the correct county. Some cell carries are still experiencing issues with placing emergency calls. Frontier continues to try to address the issue and find the cause.
Issues at this time have been resolved and 911 lines are operational! Thank you for your patience!”