Martin Luther King Jr. ScholarshipBanquet Poster – Photo/Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Facebook

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship banquet is set for January 14 to help raise funds for the scholarship which provides $1000 to 12 aspiring college students in the Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties.

Scholarship committee member Carolyn Togans discussed the history of the scholarship on a recent installment of  Panhandle Live.

Committee member Sandy Hamilton says that the banquet also provides an opportunity for previous scholarship winners to show how big its impact can be.

Togans explained just how the decision-making process works and how competitive the application process can be.

Togans added how important support from the community is for the scholarship each year.

According to Hamilton, the scholarship is named after Martin Luther King, Jr. for a very good reason.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Committee Banquet is set for  Sunday, January 14th at the Holiday Inn Martinsburg, 273 S Viking Way, Martinsburg