MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The new year brings with it a new fee structure for businesses and other non-residential entities in Berkeley County.

Berkeley County Ambulance Authority Director Brian Costello talked about the changes:
Costello says recouping money from larger entities will allow the county to give a bit of a break to some older homeowners: (providing a $25 discount to those homeowners who are homestead exempt, through the County Assessor’s office, and meet some additional criteria.)
Costello gave  WEPM’s  Marsha Kavalek an example of what the fee comparison will be:
Bills will go out this month for non-residential entities in the county.  According to Costello, the rate for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and mixed use properties will be $2.80 per 100 square feet.
Warehouse and storage facility rates will vary with the number of employees on the property per shift and will range between $1.50 and $2.50 per 100 square feet.       
Houses of Worship will be assessed a fee of $1.50 per 100 square feet, schools at 75 cents per 100 square feet.
Mass gatherings with more than 300 in attendance will be assessed a flat fee of $300.00, according to Costello.
Costello says anyone with questions can call the Ambulance Authority or contact them at a dedicated email address —  [email protected]

Brian Costello noted this year marks the 35th year for the BCEAA.  He was a guest on Friday’s Panhandle Live.  You can hear his full comments at our Panhandle News Network Spotify.   

More information on the BCEAA can be found here.