HAGERSTOWN, MD — The weather this week is reminding us that winter is officially underway.  The folks in Washington County government have released some cold weather tips —

Among them,
–Layer Up: Dress warmly in layers to retain body heat. Don’t forget hats, gloves, and scarves!
— Check Your Heating System: Ensure your heating systems are in good working order for a cozy and safe home.
— Stay Informed: Follow local weather updates for any alerts or advisories.
— Bring pets indoors.
— If using space heaters, place them on level, hard surfaces and keep flammables at least 3 feet away. Never leave space heaters or fireplaces unattended
–Know the Shelters: Familiarize yourself with local shelters in case you or someone you know needs a warm place to stay.

The Cold Weather Shelter provides temporary shelter for homeless adults aged 18 and over…those who can care for themselves and are not at risk to themselves or others.

The shelter is open from late October through the first Sunday in April and is operated and staffed primarily by volunteers from churches or organizations on a weekly basis.  Maximum bed capacity is 42 (30 men and 12 women). When the temperature or wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below and/or there is the presence of snow, up to six overflow beds are available.

Learn more here.
List of shelters in Washington County:

List of shelters in Washington County:
–REACH Cold Weather Shelter: Adult Men and Women.
140 W Franklin St, Suite 300, Hagerstown, MD.
–The Hope Center: Adult Men
125 N Prospect St, Hagerstown, MD
–HGI Youth Shelter: ages 16-24 Men and Women:
–St. John’s Shelter: Families with Children
14-16 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, MD.