WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD — Just before Christmas, there was  a water rescue on the Potomac River.
The Washington County Division of Emergency Services reports it happened December 2oth when they got a
report of three kayaks overturned in the river.
The incident happened near Lock 34 on the Potomac River, according to Emergency Services.
“Units were alerted for three kayaks overturned in the river.

DC11 arrived on scene, assumed command and deployed both boats: 20-11, 20-01 (Swift Water Teams) for rescue operations. Rescue Boats were able to make contact with all three subjects who were unharmed, but stranded in the middle of the river and exposed to the elements.
All three subjects were removed from the river by our swift water rescue teams for evaluation and we are happy to report that no injuries were reported. Rescue teams were able to salvage two of the kayaks down river as well.”
Emergency Services took time in the post to caution citizens about the risks of being in the water this time of year.
“Remember: Hypothermia is very serious and it’s effects can be fatal. Every minute counts when it comes to waterways and inclement weather! Always be prepared, have the right protective equipment, and have a spotter on shore who knows the location and resources needed in the event of an emergency.”
Crews responding during the river rescue, according to Emergency Services were:
Co8 (Boonsboro Fire Department)
Co11- Deputy Chief (Command)
EMS1812 (Regional Supervisor)
1806 (Admin Chief- Safety Officer)
Mutual Aid:
Co 19
Boat 19
Boat 28
Jefferson W.V.
Boat 7