Martinsburg, W.Va- Friday’s show saw our Panhandle Sports Live crew draft an EPAC basketball fantasy roster. While so many talented players populate the panhandle only 15 were chosen with a few honorable mentions, here’s how the draft went down.


Hear the show here:–12-8-23-e2d0f5p


Draft Picks:


  1. (Daniel)- Caleb Thomas- Spring Mills: “I’m going with the reigning EPAC player of the year. He has the versatility to play all 5 positions at a high level.”
  2. (Parker)- Jamari Jenkins- Jefferson “This is a guy you can build around, he can shoot, he can facilitate, he was one of the top scorers in the EPAC last season.”
  3. (Luke)- Troy Woolaston- Musselman: “Troy was a big unknown last season, he was hurt and they started 2-7, he came back and they really started to pick things up. He may be the best passing big man in the conference.”
  4. (Luke)- Keshaun Cheek- Martinsburg: “Elite facilitator, I call him the Russell Westbrook of the EPAC, high motor, physical, can handle the ball well, jump shot not the prettiest but it really works well.”
  5. (Parker)- Loukkhae Uth-Smith- Spring Mills: “A 3 and D guy who’s a great athlete, I think he’s going to be the #2 option for Spring Mills.”
  6. (Daniel)- Jaiden Gladney- Jefferson: “Not necessarily a primary ball handler but can run things very well from the back court. Part of a team that’s been to back to back semifinals.”
  7. (Daniel)- Matt Mahood- Musselman: “Really someone who establishes himself in the paint. Great length and can defend the rim well.”
  8. (Parker)- Chet Gore- Washington: “Big upside here. He can grow into one of the best big men in the conference. He’s going to play a lot of big minutes this year.”
  9. (Luke)- DJ Boardley- Washington: “He’s somebody that can spot up and also get down hill, good wingspan. Somebody on the wing that can give you a bucket.”
  10.  (Luke)- Tyler Jones- Spring Mills: “Another unknown but I think he can be an elite shooter, maybe the best in the conference. He can do alot of things well.”
  11.  (Parker)- Kris Doleman- Washington: “He was fantastic, was the best freshman in the conference last year.”
  12.  (Daniel)- Colton Shelton- Musselman: “Another strong freshman, really showed the ability to run an offense last year, one of the best passers.”
  13.  (Daniel)- Jasiah King- Martinsburg: “When Dave Rodgers brings up a freshman, I pay attention, may be the top freshman in the panhandle.” 
  14.  (Parker)- Max Anderson- Spring Mills: “A guy who can be a great defensive piece. Can lock up another team’s primary scorer.”
  15.  (Luke)- Kwynsie Pittsnogle- Hedgesville: “He’s the biggest player in the EPAC and has great touch and tremendous upside.”


Hon mentions: Xavier Kirk, Chase Shipley, Noah Brown, Xavier Anderson, Gavin McClain, Wyatt Shively, George Welti


Daniel’s Team:

PG: Colton Shelton

SG: Jaiden Gladney

WING: Jasiah King

WING: Caleb Thomas

C: Matt Mahood

“Shelton-Gladney backcourt can handle the ball, pass and score really well. Thomas can play 1-5 and score at a high level. Mahood is a constant paint presence but can also put the ball on the floor. King is an upside pick who can play the 3.”


Parker’s Team

PG: Kris Doleman

SG: Jamari Jenkins

WING: Loukkhae Uth-Smith

WING: Max Anderson

C: Chet Gore

“Loved what Doleman showed as a freshman, Jenkins is the conference’s best scorer, Loukkhae is the perfect wing getting to the wing. Anderson is our defensive piece and Chet is going to take a big step this year.”


Luke’s Team:

PG: Keshaun Cheek

SG Tyler Jones

WING: DJ Boardley

BIG:  Kwynsie Pittsnogle

BIG: Troy Woolaston

“I dare you to bring the ball into the paint against this team AND worry about my shooters at the same time. The Cheek-Woolaston pick and roll would be impossible to defend.”