MARTINSBURG, W.Va — Martinsburg Police Chief Erin Gibbons was a guest on Panhandle Live Tuesday. Among the topics, some recent promotions and some new personnel on the way.

Chief Gibbons said two officers were promoted to corporal and two others to sergeant.  And while he could use about 16 new officers, two new ones are being sworn in and he has other prospects going through the process:

He said his officers arrested Maryland murder suspects in the city in two separate incidents:

Not long after that, there was another arrest of a Maryland fugitive within city limits, according to Chief Gibbons.

Chief Gibbons had other updates, as well.

He said the parade route will be a little different for the Christmas parade December 5th at 6:30PM

Chief Gibbons was  guest on Tuesday’s Panhandle Live.  You can hear his full interview at our Panhandle News Network Spotify.