HAGERSTOWN, MD — The strike is not over for Auto Workers at Mack in Hagerstown.   

Striking United Auto Workers at Mack Trucks will vote again this week on the company’s last, best and final offer of a master contract, essentially unchanged from the deal workers rejected.

Mack told the union that the 20% compound wage increases offered over five years was its final offer in a new master agreement. The sides agreed on new terms specific to four local agreements during the latest round of negotiations.

Online outlet Freightwaves reported last week about 3,900 workers in Pennsylvania, Florida and Maryland rejected that offer by 73% in voting on Oct. 8. Workers will vote for a second time on Nov. 15 and 16 depending on location.

Mack’s main assembly plant near Allentown, Pennsylvania, has been idle since the walkout began Oct. 9. Workers at five other Volvo Group facilities, including an engine plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, also are on strike. Mack is part of Volvo Group North America.

United Auto Workers Local 171 says there will be informational meetings today from 10 to 12 at the hall. With a follow up voting on Wednesday from 9 to 5.