MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Last night’s meeting of the Martinsburg City Council was the first for new Martinsburg City Manager Andy Blake.

In other Martinsburg City Council news, Mayor Kevin Knowles administered the oath of office for a number of promotions among the city’s first responders. Police Sergeant Micheal Castelgrande, Corporal William Staub and Dalton Condo as well as First Lieutenant Zachary Morgan for the Martinsburg Fire Department.

Their families were in attendance as well as a large contingent of the city’s fire personnel. Mayor Kevin Knowles called it an honor to celebrate these young men.

Mayor Knowles acknowledged homelessness in the region, declaring the upcoming week as Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week:

On any given day, as many as 225 people are homeless in the Eastern Panhandle with as many as 60 others receiving services regarding housing assistance or supportive housing related to homelessness according to the mayor’s proclamation.

He also read a proclamation deeming November as Family Court Awareness month:

And he declared November as National Hospice Month marking a 20 year history.

Panhandle News Network Reporter Clint Gaige contributed to this story.