MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Lower speed limits could soon be established on some streets in Martinsburg.  Martinsburg Police Chief Erin Gibbons floated the idea during Thursday’s meeting of the Martinsburg City Council.  He said he is concerned about some key streets in the city.

Gibbons expressed worry over the proximity of kids to the vehicles traveling on some of those streets:

The proposal to lower the speed limit to 15 miles an hour on those streets passed by a vote of 6 to 1.  The Panhandle News Network’s Clint Gaige was at the meeting and adds the decision is also moving forward as it pertains to Boyd Street being lowered to 15MPH.

In other street business brought up during the meeting, the intersection of Wilson and Raleigh will have a 4-way stop soon. Council voted to approve the measure, with Ward 5 Councilman Jason Baker voicing his opposition.  In the clip below, Mayor Kevin Knowles conducts the voice vote following Councilman Baker’s comments.

Another discussion at Thursday’s Martinsburg City Council Meeting involved the funding of a Managing Director for the Apollo Civic Theatre using money from the Coal Severance Fund.

Cory Roman, Councilmember-At-Large, said offering funding in this way to a non-profit could, in his words, open a flood gate of requests from similar organizations.  He suggested alternative funding.

In the end, the motion passed 5-2 by a roll call vote.

In other business, Mayor Kevin Knowles swore in some new first responders.

Firefighter/EMT-Basic William Gill-Newton with the Fire Chief J.D. Hummingbird and Mayor Knowles. (Photo Credit Clint Gaige)

William Gill-Newton’s Mother pinning on his new official pin as Fire Chief J.D. Hummingbird looks on. (Photo Credit Clint Gaige)

Chief Gibbons, Police Officer Timothy Everhart, Mayor Knowles (Photo Credit Clint Gaige)

The Panhandle News Network’s Clint Gaige contributed to this story.