INWOOD, W.Va. — Multiple traffic circles  were installed in  south Berkeley County from 2018 to 2021, but area motorists may still need a refresher course on how to best navigate them.

To that end, Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon and the sheriff’s office have produced In the Loop: Mastering Roundabouts in Inwood, West Virginia, a video tutorial to help motorists navigate the traffic control structures which now define the roads leading in to the south Berkeley community.

Sheriff Harmon says learning how to navigate roundabouts is a matter of safety.  He says more than a few times, he’s had to drive defensively to avoid a collision with a driver who was confused about what to do in a traffic circle.

His advice for motorists includes “Keeping your head on a swivel, paying attention, yielding the right of way and being defensive with your driving.”

Between 2018 and 2021, the  decade-long plan to bring traffic circles to the rapidly growing community in south Berkeley County resulted in six roundabouts that have brought some relief to traffic congestion, but have also brought some confusion for motorists not used to navigating them.

The tutorial features animated examples of how to correctly navigate a traffic circle, with driving tips reinforced by Sheriff Harmon, who speaks from the middle of a roundabout in each clip.  Among his comments at the start of the tutorial, “With great roundabouts comes great responsibility.”  Behind him, vehicles can be seen navigating around the circle.

Sheriff Harmon talks Roundabout Safety from one of six roundabouts in Inwood.

You can learn more and view the video here.  

Sheriff Harmon was a recent guest on Panhandle Live on the Panhandle News Network. You can hear his full comments here. 

Aerial shot featuring roundabouts in South Berkeley County, courtesy Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.