US Senator Shelley Moore Capito


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — US Senator Shelley Moore Capito was in the Eastern Panhandle last week.

One of her stops was in Morgan County to survey the progress on the long-awaited US Rt. 522 Bypass:

(Senator Capito visited the 522 Bypass construction site last week to check in on the progress. Capito says she’s been involved in this project for quite some time and worked to secure funding for it through her role on the Appropriations Committee. Money from the infrastructure law, which she was instrumental in creating, helped fund the project.)

Her visit to Martinsburg included Martinsburg Initiative and a visit to The Interwoven Project. That multi-million dollar project promises to bring hundreds of apartments to downtown:

Capito also visited the site of steel recycled rebar plant CMC during her visit.

The senator also visited the Hoppy Kercheval building for an appearance on Panhandle Live during which she laid out her concerns about the border:

Senator Capito said border crossings continue to rise and the problem continues to worsen. She recently spoke with some of the West Virginia National Guard members who returned from deployment to the border. The Senator heard their experiences firsthand and learned more about how they were assisting the Texas National Guard in their Operation Lone Star mission.
According to Capito’s office,

o There were 9,700+ migrant encounters across the border on Monday (9/18).

o U.S. Border Patrol arrested roughly 182,000 people at the U.S.-Mexico border in August.

o Federal agents arrested a record number of migrant families who crossed the southern border illegally in August.

o About 63% of those surveyed in a recent Wall Street Journal poll said they disapproved of Biden’s actions in securing the border.

She also reaffirmed her support of Ukraine. “There is a linkage between China and Taiwan, and Russia and Ukraine. It is simplistic to assume that our actions in one region don’t have consequences in other regions of the world. Our resolve and support for Ukraine against Russia’s aggression is being closely watched by China. They are waiting for us to abandon our friends.”

As for a looming government shutdown during the latest budget impasse, Senator Capito believes firmly Congress must do all it can to avoid a government shutdown. You can read her remarks here.:

Finally, a question she gets asked a lot, that about the political future of her senate colleage Joe Manchin:

Senator Capito was a guest on Friday’s Panhandle Live.