FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA — People living in the region may hear some aircraft overhead in the overnight hours for the next several weeks.

The Chambersburg Public Opinion  reports an announcement doesn’t say what kind of military aircraft will be overhead but says they will be low altitude. Areas specifically mentioned were Franklin County around Letterkenny, as well as Berkeley Springs.

The Patuxent River Naval Air Station released a noise advisory stating military aircraft will conduct nighttime flights over the Letterkenny Township area in Franklin County, as well as over Berkeley Springs, W.Va., from Aug. 15 through Sept 29. Flights are scheduled between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m.

While the advisory does not provide details on what types of aircraft will participate in the flights or what kinds of sounds residents may hear, it does say that low-altitude flights have the potential to create the most disturbance, so pilots have been instructed to limit this portion of their flights to before midnight when possible.