CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — A Florida woman is facing charges of stealing money from an elderly West Virginia man with dementia.

Wendy Bunner, 47, of Spring Hill, Florida, was indicted Wednesday for money laundering and lying to a federal agent.

Bunner allegedly helped her husband, Samuel Bunner, obtain a cashier’s check worth $280,318.73 from a United Bank account belonging to the victim, who suffered from dementia. The two used the check to purchase property in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Samuel Bunner was originally charged in May with wire and bank fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. The two are now joined in a superseding indictment which alleges they befriended the victim together when they all were living in Charles Town.

Samuel Bunner obtained a power of attorney from the victim. He and Wendy Bunner then used it to sell the victim’s real estate, empty out his investment and bank accounts, and open a credit card in his name. The victims losses totaled more than two million dollars.

Wendy Bunner is also charged with lying to a federal agent about the sale of a condominium located in Hawaii that once belonged to the victim.

The FBI and the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation with assistance from the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida and FBI-Tampa.