By Jordan Nicewarner, Panhandle News Network Sports

HAGERSTOWN, M.D. — Baseball is on the way back to Hagerstown but, with the new downtown stadium still in construction, the Club is looking for an identity to call its own.

With the help of the public and facilitated by the Herald-Mail, Downtown Baseball received more than 1,800 name suggestions. These names ranged from one extreme to another, but for Downtown Baseball, they wanted to keep the names as locally rooted as possible. Downtown Baseball General Manager David Blenckstone thinks that these five names are a good representation of that.


Wednesday, at the Hagerstown YMCA, Blenckstone along with a few of the YMCA summer campers unveiled the five names picked as finalists.

Battle Swans, Diezel Dogs, Flying Boxcars, Haymakers, and Tin Lizards. All with a connection to the Hagerstown area.


Battle Swans are a nod to Hagerstown City Park and its many (angry) Swans. Flying Boxcars is a call back to local aviation history. Diezel Dogs is a hat-tip to the trucking industry that has become so prevalent.  Tin Lizards brings to light the long locomotive history and Haymakers call out to the agricultural history of the area.

These names may seem a little out there, but as a Hagerstown native, I think these names are a fun and interesting take on the history of the area and should do a good job of bringing people to the ballpark and producing some pretty cool merchandise.