By Jordan Nicewarner, Panhandle News Network Sports

HAGERSTOWN, M.D. — With the new stadium scheduled to be completed in just over a year and baseball starting soon after, Downtown Baseball Hagerstown officials announced their new General Manager.

David Blenckstone will be the first GM of this newest edition of Hagerstown Baseball, but this isn’t his first time. Blenckstone was the GM for the Hagerstown Suns from 1996 to 2001 and has since ventured into education as the former Athletics Director at St. Maria Goretti in Hagerstown, MD. As the new Downtown Stadium is being built and planning is underway for the upcoming 2024 opening day, Blenckstone has had time to take in his new job title.

Blenckstone said, “I feel like I’ve come full circle a little bit” in reference to his previous 15 years of Minor League Baseball experience.

When asked about why he took the job as the new GM, Blenckstone looked behind him at the stadium construction site and said “…working in a new ballpark is really attractive and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to open a new facility like that”

The new Downtown Stadium will be not only a ballpark but a multipurpose facility that will be able to host numerous events. The finish line for the completion of the stadium is about a year away, but Blenckstone is confident in the way construction has gone.

The team has yet to be named, but the club is letting the public make the choice. The naming of the team will be hosted by the Herald-Mail and will start on May 22nd.