MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The City of Martinsburg is reassuring residents that there is no danger to their drinking water after a body was discovered Thursday morning in a water treatment plant waste tank.

A news release from Assistant City Manager Andy Blake said the body was discovered by staff when they arrived at work reported Thursday morning at the city’s Big Springs Water Treatment Plant south of Martinsburg.

The tank where the body was discovered contains impurities removed from drinking water and none of the contents of the waste tank is reintroduced to the drinking water supply, according to Blake.

“The Waste Tank where the individual was discovered contains the impurities and other material that is removed from the drinking water prior to the final purification and distribution. None of the water in the Waste Tank is reintroduced into the drinking water and is transported to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant,” Blake said.

The city has consulted with all pertinent regulatory agencies to confirm the safety of its drinking water.

Blake said the city appreciates the first responders and regulatory agencies who are assisting in this ongoing investigation.