SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — The pair of Eagles that are featured in the Eagle Cam from Shepherdstown have lived in the area for decades.

Eagle Cam is a joint partnership between the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Outdoor Channel, and the Friends of the National Conservation Training Center.

Randy Robinson from the NCTC talked about what folks can see: (He is an Instructional Systems Specialist and Producer in the Creative Resources Division – History and Partnerships Branch at the National Conservation Training Center)

He said the eagle pair has been in the area for decades:

It’s a chance to see nature at work:

There was some drama last year, which resulted in no eggs last mating season:

The eagle nest is located on the campus of The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services’ National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown. It sits about a quarter mile from the Potomac River, according to information on the Eagle Cam site.

The NCTC Eagles, Bella and Smitty, had their first egg hatch on March 26 around 2:15 pm, according to an NCTC social media post, which included video highlights of the day.

The post indicated they were looking forward to seeing the second egg hatch soon.
The Eagle Cam discussion group is a place for viewers to chime in and give updates on the status of egg and eaglet. The NCTC called the chat group “a family- and classroom-friendly discussion board.”

You can access the Eagle Cam here: