MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Even though West Virginia schools have been relatively spared from violence coming into the classroom, law enforcement is still on guard.

One day after three elementary school students and three adults were gunned down at a school in Nashville, Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon shared some thoughts.

He says perpetrators are planning meticulously.

He tells of the 2017 case of a high school student who aspired to attack her school and had researched how to carry it out. She was stopped less than two weeks from her planned attack date, though, because of a diligent parent.

Harmon says training is ongoing each school year for staff of area schools. Still, he says more can be done.

He referenced a training exercise last year that involved more than 90 law enforcment officers and staff members from local schools.

Sheriff Harmon was a guest on Tuesday’s Panhandle Live on the Panhandle News Network.