CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Jefferson County Prosecutor Matt Harvey says the charges against two people from Charles Town have been elevated.

An infant was transferred to a DC-area hospital and died as a result of injuries that were believed to have been the result of child abuse. Last week, those charges were upgraded, according to Harvey:

“John Fellers and Angel Sims – it was originally reported as child abuse with serious bodily injuries. It’s sad to report that the child did succumb. Those charges have been elevated. Fellers is the father of this 36 day old infant and his charges have been elevated from child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury to murder by a parent, guardian, or custodian. And that’s significant because that’s a 15 to life sentence. The mother’s charges have been elevated to child abuse resulting in death,” Harvey said on Tuesday’s Panhandle Live on WEPM/WCST the Panhandle News Network.