MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Saying the city could not put it off any longer, officials with the city of Martinsburg said this month,
the City of Martinsburg Stormwater Utility will enact its stormwater utility fee in January 2023. The announcement  said the implementation had been pushed back a year due to ” economic conditions and inflationary pressures.”

“The City can no longer delay implementation as a fully funded and operational stormwater program is required and mandated, but unfunded, by the United States EPA and West Virginia DEP,” according to a release from the city of Martinsburg. “This fee will be billed quarterly and is based off the impervious surface on all real property within the City.”
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“To find out what your specific Stormwater Utility fee is, please view our Stormwater Fee Calculator app and click on your property:…/index.html…
For specific information or questions regarding implementation, please contact the Martinsburg Stormwater Utility at 304-263-7187, Ext. 1.”