MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon says his deputies are committed to getting drugs off the streets.

Thursday, Sheriff Harmon announced a recent traffic stop on I-81 that resulted in the seizure of a number of illicit drugs. The sheriff’s social media page often features pictures of drugs and weapons seized. He says some dealers have taken to avoiding the county and follow his social media posts:

The sheriff says deputies observed a traffic violation while patrolling on I-81 and conducted a traffic stop southbound near the 14 mile marker. A subsequent roadside investigation revealed what the sheriff called “a good sum of drugs packaged for sale and potentially in the hands of our kids.”

” One baggy was found shoved up under the dash board. Regardless of where you put it, our Deputies have the training and experience on how and where to look for drugs….WE WILL FIND IT.”

Seized in the stop were:
11 Grams of Marijuana.
31 Grams Powder Cocaine
27 Grams Crack Cocaine
28 Grams of Crystal Meth
400 dollars cash