A rash of false calls across the state had emergency officials scrambling Wednesday.

In multiple counties 9-1-1 centers were fielding calls reporting active shooters in a number of schools, according to MetroNews.

“We received multiple calls in multiple counties. I’ve lost count, it was either eight or nine counties in West Virginia for an active shooter situation. I want to emphasize though, none of these calls were credible,” said West Virginia Deputy Homeland Security Director Rob Cunningham.

Morgan County Sheriff KC Bohrer confirmed his county was among many statewide who received the calls, which he framed as “Swatting,” or calling in a false alarm.  “Swatting originated from Kenya and thus has occurred nationwide,” Sheriff Bohrer tells the Panhandle News Network.  “Everyone is getting these including us.”

A statement from the school system in nearby Jefferson County says “Jefferson County Schools has been made aware of a nationwide series of false active shooter threats being made against schools. Several 911 centers and law enforcement agencies around West Virginia have already received these calls, including one made against Washington High School in Jefferson County. We have confirmed that the local threat was not credible; however, we are continuing to work closely with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our students and staff.”

Berkeley County Schools Superintendent Ron Stephens posted a response to the school community.  “A call has been placed to our local 911 center indicating an active shooter event at Hedgesville High School. THERE IS NO ACTIVE SHOOTER AT HEDGESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. In an abundance of caution, law enforcement responded to the school. School administration is speaking directly to classrooms making them aware of this threat called swatting. There is no active shooter at Hedgesville High School.”

Superintendent Stephens says he received  a message from the state Superintendent of Schools that said, “Several 911 centers around the state have received calls regarding active shooter situations at high schools. Preliminarily, it appears these calls have been false alarms, with no active shooter situations confirmed at this time. While these calls have been false, I would encourage you to advise all schools to be on a heightened sense of awareness today and the rest of the week (limiting visitors, student’s out of class, etc.). Additionally, remind all students and staff that if they see something suspicious, to report it immediately. The WVDE Office of Support and Accountability issued this reminder: Any threat against a school is not just a prank, it is a felony.”