BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — As many as 245 votes in Morgan County’s Primary Election may not have been counted.

That’s according to a letter addressed to primary candidates from Morgan County Clerk Kimberly Nickles.

Nickles says the Secretary of State’s Office reports a discrepancy in the number of ballots cast versus voter history.

In the letter, Nickles says two races in particular were affected, the Republican County Commission Race between Bill Clark and Gary “GW” Easton and the
Republican Primary Race in the 89th Delegate District between Ruth Rowan and Darren J. Thorne.

Nickles writes her office is in the process of obtaining the flash cards used by the voting machines in order to discover the “origin of the discrepancy.”

The clerk is inviting candidates to attend a special meeting planned for this Wednesday, September 21st in the County Commission Meeting Room at 77 Fairfax Street.

Nickles says they’ll be discussing steps that are to be taken. That meeting set for 10:45 in the morning.