LEITERSBURG PIKE, MD — Leitersburg Pike is closed until further notice. A truck hauling fuel overturned Wednesday, snarling traffic. Cleanup could last into Friday, according to a post from Leitersburg Volunteer Fire Company 09.

The accident occurred Wednesday afternoon.

The fire company reports as of 9:30 Thursday morning, there were three flares operating to burn off the fuel from the overturned truck. The flare operation is a slow process as the flames burn off the vapors.
To ensure the truck is empty prior to uprighting it, the flare operation was set to continue throughout the day.
“With the heat and possibility storms this afternoon, the truck may not be able to be removed until tomorrow. It will all be contingent on how quickly the vapors burn off.”

The fire company says crews are monitoring the situation to make sure the pressure in the tank is being relieved and not building beyond the efforts of the flaring.

“If this occurs, fire department operations could resume with water spray to cool the tank throughout the heat of the afternoon. However, we are confident that the flaring is effective and the tank is behaving like it should so there is no cause for alarm at this point. It’s just a slow process, so your continued patience is appreciated.”

As a result of the mitigation work, Leitersburg Pike will remain shut down until this operation is complete and the truck is removed, which may not happen until Friday.

According to the fire company, “a lot of coordinated efforts are needed to move this truck.
1. It needs to be empty
2. The pole that is between the cab and tank needs to be stabilized prior to moving the truck.
3. Coordinated tow/recovery efforts will be needed to upright the truck and secure it.
4. The damage to the piping and rear valves needs to be considered as the truck is moved, which is the reason for emptying the tank completely.
5. They need to have time and daylight to do it safely as it could take several hours.
Everyone is doing what they can to prepare and initiate the removal, but until the fuel is burnt completely off, the holding pattern will continue.”

The post from the fire company says there is no anticipated danger to the area provided the area remains clear. “The road is closed to prevent secondary accidents which are more likely to occur than any issue with the current situation.”