MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A few other races of note out of the Panhandle during Tuesday’s primary election included county level races.

In Berkeley County, the Republican Primary race for Circuit Clerk saw Shelly Schoppert with 47 percent of the vote,

Jamie Wolfe with 32 percent, and Josh Shiley with 21 percent.

In the race for County Clerk, Elaine Mauck, who was appointed to that post after long-time clerk John Small stepped down for health reasons, was defeated in the primary by former
County Commissioner Tony Petrucci . Petrucci garnered 72 percent of the vote.

In the race for County Council, long-time Parks and Rec Director Steve Catlett gained 81 percent of the votes over County Councilman Dan Dulyea.

Businessman H-D Boyd was unopposed in his district in the primary race for County Council.

In Jefferson County, the race for County Commission out of the Charles Town district saw Clare Ann Ath with 55 percent of the vote over David C. Tabb.

From the Shepherdstown District in the County Commission Republican primary, Jennifer Krouse garnered 71 percent of the vote over Glenn Gargan.

In Morgan County, Bill Clark garnered 53 percent of the vote over Republican Primary opponent Gary “GW” Easton in the race for County Commission.

As a reminder, these candidates may still face a general election opponent in November.