MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Board of Education races were in the spotlight Tuesday during the state’s Primary Election. All non-partisan races were decided yesterday.

With four seats up for grabs, Berkeley County’s top four vote getters were

Patrick “Pat” Murphy, with 17.30% of the vote.

Jackee Long had 15.34%

Damon Wright garnered 11.71% of the vote

and Melissa Power got 10.40% followed closely by

Ron Hurst who got 10.19 %.

Other candidates included Valerie Ledford with 9.49%,

Betty DeHaven with 9.29 %,

Christian Waskow with 8.24 %, and

Travis Bost with 8.04 %.

In Jefferson County, three BOE seats were up for election.

Top vote getters were

Laurie Ogden with 17.6 %

Kathryn Skinner with 17.3 %

Carmen Taylor-Bratton with 17 %

Both Tiffani Sheppard and Barbara Fuller garnered 13.5 % of the vote, followed by

Joyce Smith with 12.7 % and

Andrea Elliot with 8.6 %.

In Morgan County, three Board of Education Seats were up for election.

The vote came out as follows:

Aaron T Close, 32 %

Justin Litten, 30.4 %

Laura Smith, 27.2 %

Jonathan Slifer, 10.3 %

On a related note, Morgan County voters passed the Board of Education levy by a margin of 56 to 44 percent.