MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Martinsburg Union Rescue Superintendent Pastor Timothy Guerino continues his mission work in Eastern Europe. He is with a group of nurses and a doctor

who are on the ground providing aid to those suffering during the war in Ukraine.

Early Monday morning, he contacted the Panhandle News Network with an update.

“Right now We are working our way through both borders it took us three hours to get through the Romanian customs and on to the ferry now we are still at Ukraine‘s customs,” Guerino said. “It’s gonna take a while cause we have three tractor trailers and three vans to process and then we’re off to Nikolai which is about four hours away and then will take us about 3 to 4 hours to unload and another four hours back to the border and then across again to Romania for another load so will probably get back around one in the morning Tuesday.”

On Saturday, he provided an update from Warsaw.

He expressed gratitude to everyone who has been praying for him and supporting his mission trip financially.

He said the previous week had been spent meeting hundreds if not thousands of refugees at two major refugee centers. He said one has 5,000 refugees currently and the other 8,000 with more “pouring in every day.”

Guerino said he had had ‘the privilege of going into Ukraine.’ He could not discuss a lot of details but said the mission group had helped supply ‘many many folks that are still within cities that are either occupied by Russian troops or have been decimated by the war.’

He said every refugee and those that are still in Ukraine he has encountered has ‘the spirit of hope the spirit of not being bitter or angry but being very thankful for the supplies that are being brought in by Christians from around the world and I mean around the world.’

He said he’s “met several doctors and nurses and they’re all from the United States volunteering there time here I spend time with the Canadian soldiers Polish soldiers Ukrainian soldiers and with everybody we’ve been able to share the gospel and they all asked for prayer and time just to share their stories.”

He mentioned plans to be in southern Ukraine and along the border of Moldova staying with a missionary family in a village called Tulcea. From there, he says he will be going across daily with supplies into Southern Ukraine and Odesa as well as other cities that he says right now are “in the crosshairs of the Russian army.”

“We have seen small miracles large miracles we have constantly seen the hand of God over us protecting us as we are about doing his work every day I can feel your prayers and support for the work that is being done here I cannot express the gratefulness that I have in my heart every time I listen to a refugee story or a family that is still in Ukraine struggling and being very thankful to see Christians coming in from all over the world to support them and encourage them and provide,” Guerino said.

Guerino plans to be back in the states on May 12.

“We’re spending a lot of our finances that you supported me with purchasing supplies for the refugees and for those that are in Ukraine. I had the privilege of being a part of taking 100k across for a missionary organization that our team is working with,” Guerino said. “Those funds and others are helping those Pastors and churches in Ukraine.”

“There’s no jobs right now in those cities they are decimated they have no work the people need money to buy fuel to purchase electricity for their homes, food,  etc.  Churches are supplying medical all kinds of stuff heat it’s still pretty cold here and it goes on and on again,” said Pastor Tim.

“It has been such a privilege to see the amazing work of God’s people and God’s spirit guide us through every step every day. The Polish people here in Warsaw have been so gracious and so hospitable towards all of us that are here to help and that are doing everything we can to get supplies into Ukraine God bless these folks here . Cash is needed to help supply the fuel to get the vehicles across the border,” he said. “Again, I cannot thank y’all enough for your financial support and As I go onto the second half of my journey I ask you to continue to pray for open hearts, for protection and for the border to be continually open for us to get the supplies in to those that need it the most.”

He said he’s working with other Christians from the US, and other countries including South Africa, Uganda, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, England, Ireland.
He left for Eastern Europe on Easter Sunday.

Pastor Tim is asking the community back home for prayer. Anyone who would like to support his mission work there or the Union Rescue Mission at home can go to

You can hear the full interview with Pastor Tim Guerino from Eastern Europe on our Panhandle Live Spotify.